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Carla Nicole L Garcia - (left photo) Meet one of our ninth grade (9th) students in the program. She comes from Barangay Lantag and is the eldest of three children. Her father is a tenant farmer/share cropper and her mother a homemaker. To make ends meet, her father also drives a tricycle for fare, runs errands for paying customers and raises cash crops in between the rice planting season. Her mother does laundry services and fruit picking. Carla and her family live with her grandmother at her grandmother's house. An uncle, Mr Renato Lacasandile, who teaches in Baguio City helps pay for Carla's tuition, fees, and books. Carla's grandmother also chips in whenever she can. Another aunt also helps the family in tight situations. Even with all this financial help from relatives and family members, the Garcia family still falls short on the amount required to matriculate Carla's high school education. The Garcia Family sought financial aid from SAS Ai for Carla's high school education and got it. SAS Ai helps bright students from poor families, like Carla Nicole, finish SAS high school with financial aid. Join us in this worhty cause. DONATE today. Thank you po.

SAS Alumni International High School Financial Aid

"Education is freedom"

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"Many organizations, the membership of which is mainly made up of classmates from the same batch, also offer scholarship programs to students attending SAS. But there's a big difference between these groups and SAS Ai in the way the financial aid program is run. SAS Ai demands accountability from the student beneficiary. The volunteers who run their daily operations are outstanding professionals. SAS Ai is an IRS recognized public charity organization under the 501(c)(3) tax code. Your donations are tax deductible."

Engr Apolonio Villanueva III

SAS Class 1958


About Us

SAS Ai champions - "Education is Freedom". We believe that given a chance, a student can learn a multitude of skills, gain knowledge and be successful.


Over the past nine years, our financial aid program has helped more than 32 students graduate high school. As a result, almost 93% of these students have gone on to college to earn their degrees, pursued vocational training, and apprenticeship programs to earn their certifications. They have grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.


In a recent survey, 100% of the parents of students who participated in the financial aid program would recommend the SAS Ai outreach program to other parents.