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Carla Nicole L Garcia - (left photo) Meet one of our eight grade (8th) students in the program. She comes from Barangay Lantag and is the eldest of three children. Her father is a tenant farmer/share cropper and her mother a homemaker. To make ends meet, her father also drives a tricycle for fare, runs errands for paying customers and raises cash crops in between the rice planting season. Her mother does laundry services and fruit picking. Carla and her family live with her grandmother at her grandmother's house. An uncle, Mr Renato Lacasandile, who teaches in Baguio City helps pay for Carla's tuition, fees, and books. Carla's grandmother also chips in whenever she can. Another aunt also helps the family in tight situations. Even with all this financial help from relatives and family members, the Garcia family still falls short on the amount required to matriculate Carla's high school education. The Garcia Family sought help from SAS Ai. Since all available school year 2017-18 financial aid slots have been assigned, a couple, who would like to remain anonymous, willingly stepped up to fund Carla Nicole's 8th grade matriculation. SAS Ai helps bright students from poor families, like Carla Nicole, finish SAS high school with financial aid. Join us in this worhty cause. DONATE today. Thank you po.

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